Vapor Bladder & Gauge Pole Cover

VAPOR-SLEEVE® Gauge Pole Covers & Vapor Bladders

Vapor Sleeves® and Tank Bladders

Charter Industrial’s engineered vapor retention products are manufactured to each customer’s unique specifications and are made from a specially  formulated urethane material to allow for the highest chemical compatibility possible and industry leading service life.

Reduce hydrocarbon vapors from escaping from petroleum storage tanks via the slotted gauge pole and/or the gauge well.

Charter Industrial manufactures all Petroleum Storage Tank Solutions in accordance to the highest industry standards as a certified ISO 9001 registered company.

Charter Industrial’s Vapor Sleeve®  is made with the most experienced manufacturing personnel available in the industry in addition to utilizing the highest chemically compatible urethane material.

Key Features

Charter Industrial PTP Vapor Sleeve® Advantage

  • Reduce costs associated with product loss
  • Virtually eliminate product emissions
  • Comply with regulations and environmental standards
  • Specially designed for each Internal or External Floating Roof Tanks
  • Allows real time product measurement without associated product loss
  • Excellent chemical resistance and UV protection
  • Extremely flexible design while maintaining shape & function
  • Easy to install design
  • Vapor proof “Zip-Lock” style zipper
  • Reinforced with interlocking “Tooth” style zipper
  • Proprietary transition box design (optional) offers superior vapor retention and leak prevention
  • All gauge pole covers are specially designed for each tank
  • Can be installed while tank is in operation
  • Unmatched abrasion resistance and chemical compatibility

The Charter Advantage


Charter Industrial utilizes the highest quality materials for the production of our vapor retention products.  Our unique blend of urethane materials used to manufacture our Gauge Pole Covers and Vapor Sleeves® is unsurpassed in abrasion resistance, chemical compatibility, vapor retention or permeation prevention.

Vapor Retention

Virtually eliminate product emissions with Charter’s superior product quality and most qualified and experienced manufacturing staff in the country.

Experienced Engineering

Every Charter Vapor Retention Bladder or Gauge Pole Cover are specially designed for each Internal or External Floating Roof Tanks.  Designs are developed in close cooperation with each customer to ensure the product is designed to their specific needs.

Each item is specifically engineered and manufactured according customer specifications, individual tank designs, and EPA regulations before manufacturing begins.

Pain Free Installation

Charter’s Gauge Pole Covers and Vapor Sleeves® are designed with proprietary features to allow easy installation while maintaining the vapor retention attributes required by customers.


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