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We Are A Customer Centered Business That Goes The Extra Mile.

Since 2000, Charter Industrial Supply has built a solid reputation based on reliable performance, quality service, and our commitment to customer satisfaction.  We are an Aeroquip Premier Select Distributor and operate according to ISO and Military Specification. With over 30,000 products in our inventory and a guaranteed in stock, custom inventory system, we are the supplier of choice to keep your operations running smoothly.

We Are Your Partner.

Our experienced team of product specialists are skilled, providing custom solutions. Whether we partner with you from the initial planning stages of major construction projects or supply long-term or emergency maintenance operations, you will get the same level of excellence and experience with us every time. Our mission is more than selling parts—we pride ourselves on building strong ongoing relationships with our customers, and consider them our partners, with a foundation built on reliability, trust and integrity.


We are honored to be an Danfoss Premier Select Distributor. To achieve this status, Charter has successfully passed a rigorous process. This certification process is intended to insure the best practices and promote world-class services. It involves the completion of extensive training and testing, along with the passage of strict, detailed inspections of our facility by Aeroquip representatives.

Aeroquip Product Specialist

In addition, we have been recognized as a Top 24 Distributor by DanfossNorth America.  This distinction is shared by very few and is in recognition of our commitment to quality customer service and satisfaction.

Certified Hose Assembler

Our Certified Hose Assembler is tested and must demonstrate proficiency in the selection, assembly, cleaning and testing of all Aeroquip products sold at our site. This means that each assembly you purchase will be inspected, cleaned and capped by a certified expert to ensure quality. Each year, our hose shop undergoes a certification process to ensure the available and proper operation of equipment, machinery, measurement tools, hose assembly logs and equipment manuals. This guarantees a superior product by a qualified and dedicated team.

What Does This Mean To You?

As our customer, you are also Aeroquip’s customer. As a Premier Select Distributor, we not only assemble and sell Aeroquip products, we know Aeroquip products inside and out, and have the necessary equipment, inventory and trained personnel to best assemble and distribute them. The reason we are so proud of our Premier Select Distributor status is that we can confidently offer you the best service, the best products and the most knowledgeable team of professionals available.

Charter Industrial is Your Partner of Choice.