Tank Seals

Charter's Primary Mechanical Shoe Seal

The spring type or “scissor type” mechanical shoe seal has an economical and simple design.

Easy to install without hot work or welding

Offers superior seal performance

The shoes are held in permanent contact with tank shell

Shoes extend into the product by hanger arms

The pusher spring material is high tensile stainless spring steel

Two compression plates apply pressure to the Shoe Plate against the tank wall on the upper and lower part of the plate

The vapor membrane covers the vapor space between the shoe and the roof from the atmosphere.

Mechanical Shoe Seal Advantages

  • Long service life & maintenance free
  • Easy to install – No welding or plasma cutting
  • Relatively low cost
  • Complies with 650 Appendix C
  • Compatible with all stored products
  • Available with secondary seal
  • Compatible with welded, lapped or riveted tanks

Single Wiper Seals

Double Wiper Seals

Foam Seal


  • Reduces the evaporation losses of the primary
  • Prevents rainwater and other debris from contaminating stored product
  • Compression plate can be mounted on horizontal or vertical type of roof rims
  • Overlapping of compression plates gives strong sealing pressure to the tank shell
  • Wiper tip is constructed of UV and weather resistant synthetic rubber
  • Wiper tip provides superior sealing efficiency
  • The shunt complies with API 2003.

Charter's Secondary Seal Advantages

  • Rim mounted type
  • High sealing efficiency & durable service life
  • Compatible with all stored products
  • Large wiper seal contact to the tank shell
  • No scratching or damage to the tank shell
  • Easy installation and accessiblity during operating
  • Can be installed with either a vertical or horizontal rim plate
  • Foam port is available (*option)

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