In Stock. 100% Fill Rate. 24/7. Guaranteed.

What Is Off The Shelf? It’s No More Production Down Time.

No one can afford production down time. Wouldn’t it be nice to have access and 100% in-stock availability of supplies for your entire project or MRO needs?  Well, now you can—it’s why we created Off The Shelf™. Off The Shelf is Charter Industrial Supply’s exclusive inventory management stocking solution that guarantees a 100% fill rate, 24/7 to help you save time and money while improving productivity so you can spend more time on the job and less time shopping around and waiting for supplies—plus, it costs you nothing. All you have to do is set up an account.

How About A Job Site Supplier That Stocks Everything You Need, When You Need It?

By assisting you in the pre-planning process, we tailor our inventory to match the needs of your project—this will help in eliminating the need for costly emergency part demands because we will already have your specific parts on the shelf and ready for delivery at each stage of your project before it becomes due. Plus, you only pay for supplies as you need them. Call us to set up your account today.

Off The Shelf™ Provides:
  • 100% Fill Rate, 24/7—Guaranteed!
  • Efficient and Thorough Inventory Management
  • Optimization and Stability of Inventory Levels
  • Improved Productivity
  • Avoid Production Down Time
  • Elimination of Costly Emergency Parts

How Off The Shelf™ Works


Call us to set up your free account. We will assist you in determining the scope of products you will need throughout the scope of your project.


Once your products are confirmed, we accept your purchase order for the estimated parts needed to ensure that we will have each item in stock. This secures the inventory selection, and you only pay as you need them.


We will fully stock all of the products you need throughout the entire scope of your project in our warehouse so we can deliver a 100% fill rate, 24/7 guaranteed. It costs you nothing and is simple to set up. Call us today for more details.


“No other supplier offers a 24/7, 100% fill rate. I can’t tell you how many times Charter has come through for us, allowing us to complete projects within some pretty tight deadlines and not to mention having our parts in-stock and delivering them during some critical moments. These guys are great and we’re so lucky to have them as our supplier. Having Charter as your construction partner is one big, less thing to worry about!”

S.W, Civil Engineer